Why Should I Dress Up?

Kenneth Kaunda

You could potentially raise your moods, increase your confidence, have others treat you better and improve your social life right now at this moment without necessarily subscribing to smoothies, a life coach or even an exercise regimen (though all these things are really important).How? By dressing better. Yes,its that simple!

Why don’t we? Sometimes we may fear that we may come of looking preppy or pretentious, but think about if for a minute:when have you really cared that the person next to you was dressed as they are? No one is too into your life,which is a good thing,you can make a few fashion mistakes as you go towards perfecting your style.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta in double-breast pinstripe suit

Dressing up as a guy is way too expensive? Bullocks. There are great places to buy everything from suits, bow-ties,ascots(yes), waistcoats, shoes and blazers at almost half or three-quarters the cost with some effort (read lugha ) from mitumba dealers ,Gikomba to the CBD. Its the only place where good quality and low prices meet for a beer.

Kenneth Kaunda
Kenneth Kaunda

Lacking the confidence to pull off that look?The best thing about putting your fashion foot forward is that it aids in building an inherent confidence of self from within ; a quality all men should possess in healthy amounts. I cant remember the amount of times I’ve dressed up to go out only to start toning down my outfit for something more common. Gladly its a phase I’ve outgrown,and you can too with a little effort.

it would be great if you could get an icon whose style you admire to as a guide. It could be anyone,right form James Bond to Kenneth Kaunda. Loux the Vintage Guru and Nicco Cessari are some of my personal favorites.

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” Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak ” – Rachel Zoe


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