Thrifting 101: A Kenyan Guide

We’ve all heard of the legend bargains our friends have got from thrifting:

“How much did you get that trouser at?”

“80 bob brathe ..Gikosh kuna mali safi mbaya ”

Times come to get ourselves some good bargains! Ill be sharing my personal best locations to but quality menswear at good prices

Before hit the road to locations where Zara,Topman,Tommy Hilfiger,Marks & Spencer  and Dockers take their beers Mzee  low costs, it would be good to know a few things that will make the experience worthwhile.

Have a Tailor You Trust

Fact is, the clothes one gets from mitumba will rarely fit as perfectly,but with some tucking here and cutting there you can transform a simple looking garment to something almost bespoke. This is the person you’re trusting with all your first impressions so your better off finding a good one and establishing a good rapport. Do expect all of them to be seemingly late in processing you clothes for no good reason,it comes with being so close to the equator.

Have a Budget

Splurging on good deals is a great temptation as everything seems affordable at the time. Sadly, one may end up buying stuff they didn’t need in the first place or mess up with the general balance of financial matters. Hungry men in good clothes are no good brother. Go in with a list of things you desire and cash,preferably in a tangible form to limit overspending.

Go With Friends

Everything is better with friends! Choose one of your more stylish counterparts and make the journey.

Dress Down

First impressions, remember? There’s really no use of looking well off when you’re hunting for bargains as it will work against you.Easy skanking.





Gikomba Market

if theres a Mecca for second hand mens clothing deals its got to be this place: rows upon rows of blazers,suits and ties.Whole suits can go for 1500 and blazers anything from 1200 to 300. If you’re into tweeds and textured clothing its almost heavenly. Trousers too are in no short supply,going for a max of 80 bob a piece (dockers my friends) and shoes from 300, depending on the strength of your bargaining skill. the best part is the chaos is rather organized, with each item occupying a certain corner of the vast market. Carry loads of patience though and an easy attitude.

Toi Market( Ngong Road)

Toi Market
Toi Market

More like an upmarket Gikomba,its a beautiful place to buy shirts and good hats, panamas and the likes. Prices are also a bit more upscale but theres generally less of a hustle. The real deals are deep in the stalls; roadside goods are generally more costly.


Open Market(Next to City Market, Muindi Mbingu Street  )

I don’t really know the name of this place but given the location it is pretty hard to miss.First stand as you enter what seems like a car park, to your left. If you thought Gikomba was impressive you should see the collection of mens wear here!He literally has everything a gentleman needs in the scope of fashion: bow-ties, cravats,textured ties,normal ones,belts,happy socks,pocket squares,lapels,belts and cummerbunds(Ha! Google it ).


Do you have any locations you would like to share with the rest of us? Especially those out of the capital city? Drop a comment or write us an email, we would love to know!

Student at JKUAT.Purveyor of thoughts and clothes.


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