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Nat King Cole

Details is a series highlighting items through which one can display their individuality in a functional, fun manner.All items mentioned can be thrifted locally

Did you ever fold your handkerchief as a child and proudly stuff it in your breast pocket feeling more dapper than most in that one suit you owned? You might have been on to more than you think,old sport(Great Gatsby,yes). Pocket squares came about as men in the 1600s sought to keep their clean handkerchiefs away from pocket flint and dirt,moving them to the trouser pocket as dirty handkerchiefs were considered unsightly(still are).


These style bad boys came into vogue circa the 1920’s , a period many, including myself, consider the most dapper of menswear years.This simple, inexpensive piece of cloth can elevate a man’s dress in a sea of suits and jackets/blazers of little difference in form and color.

As always, some etiquette regarding this piece. Largely, the only rule is that the pocket square and tie should not match. A matching set looks like a meaningful gift but lacks sartorial elegance.Complimentary colors are preferred, with the advanced class adding texture and patterns into the mix.


How shall we fold it? The good folks over at Real Men Real Style compiled this beautiful info-graph detailing the different styles.

pocket square folds
pocket square folds


“Clothes don’t make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job.”
—Herbert Harold Vreeland, Academic

Student at JKUAT.Purveyor of thoughts and clothes.

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  1. Engefu
    April 9, 2018

    waaaauuuuu, didn’t know about the rule that pocket squares and ties shouldn’t match. Always thought it looked way cooler unmatched. Added play with texture affords a second glance coupled with a woah, dapper!


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