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One issue I faced when starting my dapper journey was the lack of relatable icons whose fashion sense I could learn from.Internet searches usually throw up very European men in the middle of timeless spaces with the best of tailoring. While this is admirable, it does little for establishing a form of connection.Through sharing my top ten men I hold in high regard, I hope you can find someone worth emulating. Here it goes!

PS, no particular order 🙂


Ora pix, all round cool guy with fresh looks.Student, South African.


Suleiman Thomas

Stylist,gentleman. You can find him over at  suleiman_thomas

Loux The Vintage Guru

Named Lourens Gebhardt, this man from Namibia holds quite a lot of respect in the afro dandy scene. His color, pattern combination is masterclass, switching up with rather modern pieces once in a while.

Dennis Ngala


Goes by the moniker 22_dennis_dennis on the interwebs, he’s as cool as they come for a young Kenyan man. Founder too of the Kenyan Dandies page.

   Tshepo Ramokejane

Found at lowkeydandy, it’s hard to spot this stylish South African without a hat as his crown.

Edwin Jumah

Personal friend, he blogs and sells the best of what there is to offer in menswear.The only man I know who’s worn a tail coat in Nairobi with ease.

Eddie Kirindo

Stylist,the man oozes sprezzatura. His attention to detail is one I hold in high regard.From the +254.

The Suit Maestro

Eccentric. Bold. Kenyan. You can find him here.

Menzi Mcunu

The Afrocentric Gentlemvn, deals in luxury content creation, rarely letting down with the suits.Voted by GQ as South Africa’s best dressed man too.

Tony Ngige

An inspiration before I got serious about my dapper journey, he has been consistent in the scene for a quite a while now. Runs a You-tube page where he shares his nuggets of wisdom. Check him out here.

I hope these fellows can be of some inspiration to your menswear journey!

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“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.” – Giorgio Armani

Student at JKUAT.Purveyor of thoughts and clothes.

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  1. Ed Mureithi
    October 26, 2018

    Doooooope!! Esp Suleiman Thomas! This is an amazing blog! Learnt some vital tips!


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